Windows 10 Drivers Backup and Restore for All Devices

This article provides a complete tutorial on how to create a drivers backup and how to restore the drivers from backup

What is the use of Windows OS Drivers:

 System drivers/Windows OS drivers are needed to make the operating-system work properly or to do a clean install of the Windows operating system sometimes when your system gets Corrupt and you have to reinstall the Windows operating system again. 

Corruption can occur when you download files from an unknown source and you try to run that file then the virus or malware or ransomware which is in the file starts its operation (operation can be corrupting the files on a computer, spying or encrypting the whole computer).

Note: The below steps are for all devices regardless of specs or brand as long as they run Windows 10 / Windows 11 OS.

Some of you might have this question in your mind

Example: Why should I back up my computer drivers/Windows 11 drivers/ Windows 10 drivers when I can download drivers directly from the manufacturer's website?

Here is the answer to the above question

Scenario 1: Let's say you downloaded the latest drivers for the personal/ business laptop/desktop and it is causing a blue screen of death and you didn't create a restore point plus you don't even remember which version of your previous drivers for which your system or pc was working fine.

Scenario 2: Let's say you have limited bandwidth and you have to download 2 GB worth of Drivers plus you don't have enough time to install each driver one by one.

Scenario 3: Let's say you have a piece of old hardware that is no longer supported and has no drivers available online.

Scenario 4: The latest driver’s conflict with some other software or you are using a specific feature that was later removed.

How to create Driver's Backup: 

     So how to do "Drivers Backup"? or how to back up your drivers? Well, it's a pretty straightforward process. 

Note: No installation is needed. 

3. Step three right click on DB (Drivers Backup) and select Run as administrator

4. Step four select the drive which you want to backup you can even take backup to an external drive or USB flash drive but you need to connect it before running this program. It will do a free scan of your Windows system for all the installed drivers and then starts to backup

Note by default it is always saved under the folder name "DB (DriversBackup)" in whichever drive you have selected for example you have selected Drive E: it will get backed up at E:\DriversBackup. 

How to Restore Drivers from Driver's Backup 

Version Changes:

August 1st, 2021

DBR(Drivers Backup And Restore)  v1.0.0 First Released 

If you face any issues don't forget to mention them in the comment section.

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Supported Operating-system "Windows 10 & Windows 11" 

Unsupported Outdated Operating-system "Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1" 

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