How do you spot if a job Ad/job Offer is fake?

With the current crisis and plenty of people looking for a job, as usual, individuals are trying to take advantage of others' desperation.

Here are 5 points to be noted in order to identify fake job Ad/job offers

1. It is too good to be real.

With so many people at home looking for a job, the market dictates that when the offer increase the price goes down. So if the salary is too good, the perks even better, that could be a sign that something is waiting for you behind the corner.

2. Analyze the job advertisement.

Is it fishy? The job title is not specific or the job description not coherent? Does it look like a past and copies from five different jobs? Way too many misspellings? There is a link to a web page that requires you to enter your email address to confirm your identity. Is the contact present and if yes is it from a free mail provider, like Google or Yahoo? Chances are this is fake.

3. Job advertisement for members or registered companies.

Are they requiring you to pay a fee? Big RED FLAG. No recruiter or company will ever ask to pay a fee to submit your CV, book an interview, or cover administrative costs.

All those costs are budgeted and paid by the employer. RUNAWAY.

4. Please provide us with your personal information.

WHAT??? insert your name, your address, your passport number, and your parent's first name for us to identify you are the person that will sustain the interview. That sounds legit, isn't it?

A pity these are the same info a bank will ask you to get a credit card. They are stealing your identity. Any real company will ask to see your ID only at the moment you sit for the interview and ask for other info only when signing the employment contract.

5. No matter how good a job post looks, ask your best friend. Who?

But your mobile, google the company name, and the hiring manager's name, get the company mobile number, and call HR asking if the job is legit.

I guarantee you that if someone calls me asking to verify if a job advert is true, I will invite him for a coffee and an interview. Would you not employ such a mindful and attentive person?

Source: Linkedin Massimo Brebbia

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